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Subject: College in the Desert-Chapter Preteen Lolita Toplist XIICollege in the Desert-Chapter XII
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a friendship that eventually became a long relationship, and endured all
the good times and the bad times of that relationship over the coming
years. The characters in “College in the Desert” are all fictional and any
semblance to real persons–living or deceased–is purely coincidental.DISCLAIMER:This fictional story is written for the gay reader in particular and
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Chapter XII-The New Year Begins
———————————————————————-When we left last week it was Christmas Eve. Tim and his family, and yes,
Kenny, had just left the house after dinner. Kenny and Billy had left
cookies, milk, and two letters on the table with their Christmas wishes for
Santa and made us all promise NOT to touch anything or they would know
about it. We didn’t know how we were going to figure out how to handle this
one, but we promised anyway.After they had left we were so exhausted we left the partially cleaned up
dinner dishes for the morning, shut out the lights and hand in hand, Jeff
led Don upstairs and Justin and I made our way up the stairs behind them.Justin couldn’t keep his hands off me long enough to step up one step, and
to tell the truth, I was quite comfortable making out right on the
steps. There was something always special about my babe, but tonight it was
like I was in love all over again. I wanted to feel every inch of his body
with my hands, my tongue, anything that would bring me closer to him,
starting from his sexy, narrow feet with five perfect toes, to the top of
his head with his sweet smelling, soft hair. I had all night to do it too!”Let’s see if we can make it to the bedroom and take a quick shower,” I
said. “I feel grungy after all that running today and I want to make sweet,
sweet love to my honey smelling like a rose, not a dumpster. How ’bout
helping me wash up?”"I’d love to run my fingers all over that hot bod of yours…soap it
up…rub up against it, make it smell so fine so I can get it all sticky
again ’cause tonight lasts forever. Let’s go.”We ran up the rest of the stairs and shut the bedroom door…apparently a
little too loud for the neighbors…Jeff and Don. I reopened it to say
something and what to my wondering eyes should appear Jeff standing
there in his birthday suit hard too!”Hey you guys! Preteen Lolita Toplist Keep it down in there, It’s Christmas Eve and we’re
listening for reindeer on the rooftop.”I heard a little giggle behind Jeff after that comment. “Yeah, right! When
you hear ‘em, let Preteen Lolita Toplist
us know…on second thought…we’ll be busy listening for
a big white dude in the chimney. What are we going to do with Preteen Lolita Toplist
the boys
letters?”"I don’t know. You heard them, we’re supposed to leave ‘em alone. It’s up
to Santa on this one.”"Okay, we’re showering and then hitting the sheets. Love you guys…Merry
Christmas.”Over Jeff’s shoulder peers Don’s head. I heard a little giggle as the door
slammed shut, “Love you guys too, Merry Christmas. Now get back in here
before I have you waiting on the roof.”I shut our bedroom door, and after wandering around for a minute, found my
honey already in the shower, waiting under the warm water for me, still in
his t-shirt and boxers.This was a new one…and WHAT A TURN ON! As the water ran down the front of
his shirt I could follow the flow of water from one six-pack muscle to the
next; the ripples of his taught chest were enhanced by two pert nipples
pushing against the tight shirt. Outlined under his white boxers were the
obvious edges of a small pair of the sexiest pair of white bikini’s. The
water had made both so transparent I could see his cock clearly pressing
taut against the front, straining to find room to grow. The whole sight was
so sexually stimulating I thought I was going to cum right there. I watched
as he slowly began to lift the skimpy, tight, t-shirt up his chest, slowly
wiggling his upper body back and forth until the shirt slipped off the top
of his head. It fell to the floor of the shower as he reached down with a
finger on each side of his trim waist and slowly, teasingly, Preteen Lolita Toplist
began to slide
the boxers down. Inch by inch they began to reveal the bikini underneath,
which didn’t hide much of anything under the flow of water running down the
muscles of his chest, continuing down, following the outline of the growing
bulge below.Just as the boxers started past the point of no return, up the chimney they
went with a bound, surprising me. I looked up and through the building
steam was a finger, sticking out the slightly open door, slowly Preteen Lolita Toplist
that I should enter, or flipping me off. I wasted no time in stripping down
to my wife beater and the white, lo-rise briefs I had on. Then the finger
started up again, pulling me in closer and closer, until it hooked onto the
waist of my underwear and I was in the warm water flow…behind me a hand
slid the door closed. I had a hard on that tented my briefs straight out
and let the water flow right through my briefs and down my legs as my
clothes quickly became soaked.The hand slipped under my short and into my briefs and, as I watched
mesmerized adjusted my cock sideways until it lay against my
hip. Another hand appeared and slowly stripped my wife-beater off in the
same manner as I had watched the other shirt come off. I reached out and
slowly slid down the boxers that still remained on my now visible lover. As
I started back up again I slid my hands up each of his strong, well formed
legs until I came to the slinky underwear. Reaching up underneath one side
with one hand I massaged his cock while grasping his balls through the thin
fabric with the other one. My lips found the bulge in his bikini as I
worked my way around the growing thickness with my mouth for a few
minutes. The growing hardness told me to move on up to the taught muscles
of his worked out abs for a few slow licks and then on up on to the waiting
mouth where we started a dance with our tongues, trying to find a way in,
deep in. I felt a pair of hands on my cock and balls. I don’t know what
there was about this new adventure, but I was so turned on that it was all
I could do to not cum right there. By now we had wrapped our arms around
each other, still locked in the kiss of love, and were pressing our cocks
together, rubbing them up and down through the wet, soaped up fabric, until
I thought mine Preteen Lolita Toplist would burst through the fabric.At last I couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m going to cum right now if we keep
going like this. This is so hot and I’m so horny.”We can’t have that now, can we. This is just a ’short shower’, right?”"Then we better get this soap rinsed off and finish taking a decent shower
you little hussy so we can make it to the next game, if you have one on
that devilish little mind of yours. Oh no…back boy…hands off I said or
you’ll have to wait for Preteen Lolita Toplist a recharge. Turn around and I’ll clean that cute
little tush of yours and the rest of your too cute bod while I’m at
it.”He complied quite nicely. In fact, up until this point he hadn’t even
spoken a word, although his actions had said more than words could ever
express. We quickly finished cleaning each other off, taking care to clean
all the “little” places before hopping out and toweling each other dry with
our very big, soft, warm, fluffy, sensuous towels. We ended up the toweling
session staring into each others eyes.Something changed in the room, the air, the world. I could sense the weird,
sudden change, but couldn’t wrap my mind around what it was; chills zooming
up and down my spine letting me know that something special was
happening. After taking a quick look around the room, my gaze settled upon
Justin and I found myself irreversibly lost in his eyes…those soft,
creamy pools of light brown encircled by pure white iris’, set off by the
longest black lashes I’d ever seen on a guy. I longed to see where they led
me, what they’d seen in his young lifetime, and best of all, what they
would reveal at the end of our lifetime together. I reached up and touched
his cheek with my hand, still lost in time, as he leaned forward and kissed
me tenderly not the usual battle for dominance and frenzied attention
Preteen Lolita Toplist no, this kiss conveyed dreams, wishes, and something I’d never…ever,
felt before acceptance and pure love. My knees almost failed me.I don’t like the phrase, “he completes me,” because it doesn’t allow for
each others individualism, but somehow, “completes”, or “became one” was
what happened at that magical moment on a Christmas Eve that I shall never
forget. It was the best, maybe the only Christmas, Wedding, Birthday, and
every other holiday present I’d ever dreamed about having.We leaned into each other, foreheads touching, body’s melded together. For
the first time since we’d come upstairs, Justin spoke. It Preteen Lolita Toplist
was only a few
words, four to be exact.”Merry Christmas my love.”"Merry Christmas to you babe. I hope our life together is as surprising as
tonight has been so far. I love you so much.”I lowered my left hand down from around his smooth-skinned waist, and
locking fingers together, I led him to the bed, and holding both hands now,
laid him gently down on the edge of the bed with his feet still on the
floor. I knelt between his creamy thighs, placing one hand up under each
leg, sliding them along each side of his waist, bringing me closer to his
cock. Slowly I started sliding my tongue up and down his inner thighs,
moving slowing, savoring each moment, each taste. Moving Preteen Lolita Toplist easily from thigh
to thigh I slowly worked my way up the inside of his thighs until I could
feel his growing cock and hanging balls drag through my hair as I licked
closer and closer to my prize. As I kept working closer, all the time
bringing my hands back to his thighs Preteen Lolita Toplist
and moving them farther apart, I
reached the area between his rosy pucker hole and his rising balls, the
taint; I rimmed his nice clean hole for a minute or so while he moaned and
squirmed about, then started flicking the tip of my tongue Preteen Lolita Toplist up towards his
nut sack. The differing sensations were driving him crazy, and his cock
grew to full mast as it slapped against his flat stomach muscles. I
continued on this Preteen Lolita Toplist new torture trail a few times back and forth from
his every widening hole to his ever tightening ball sac while he purred and
moaned.As I reached the near hairless nut sack, now drawn up close to the base of
his beautiful cock, I slide up the length of his steely rod until my tongue
reached the slit at the top. Out of it was leaking a small river of
pre-cum, sticky, plentiful…and tasty. I eagerly lapped up the puddle
gathered on his stomach, and then went back to lick his eight inch lollipop
up and down on all sides, holding the base with one hand so it now stood
straight up. As I reached the top I opened my mouth and slid down his
shaft, taking the whole thing in one move. By now I had learned how to do
it without gagging and was quite good at sucking his cock. I began a slow,
hard sucking on his engorged cock, feeling the veins with my tongue running
up and down the sides, flicking my tongue under the sensitive crown and
watch him squirm even more in agony and pleasure. Each time I reached the
top I stopped to lap up the sweet juices pouring from his dick tip.As I started sucking on his rock hard cock again I heard him whisper to me,
“Please fuck me babe, please.”Without saying a thing I swung his legs onto the bed, then rolled him over
onto his stomach. His hot buns were highlighted by the soft rays of the
full moon. I opened his legs wider and slipped in between his legs with my
head so I could reach his pucker hole with my tongue. Rimming him with a
flickering touch of my tongue tip all around the edge, then pushing it in
and out, tasting his musky smell, mixed with his other smells, etched in my
memory forever the primal man, now my lover. I spit into his hole and
pushed my index finger in. It went in easily and was followed by a second,
then a third. Slowly I worked the three fingers in and out until he was
ready. His beautiful butt was working back and forth so sexy and inviting
and he was purring like a kitten.I reached into the bedside drawer and brought out some lube and a new toy
I’d picked up as a Christmas surprise for just such an occasion a
vibrating cock ring. I put it on, lubed up my dick and Juss’ waiting hole
and slowly pushed the head of my cock in. Juss started moving his rear in a
circular manner, mixing his movements with an occasional push backwards
towards me until I could feel his prostate as I fucked him slowly, at
first. We began a faster rhythm as he craved more of me; deeper and deeper
I pushed, pulling out all the way and plunging back in. I lifted him up
until I could reach around and grab his steel hard cock. As I felt my
orgasm starting to build deep down in my loins I reached down and turned on
the vibrator to the second position. Instantly the new vibrations sent
shivers of pure pleasure in all directions, starting from my ball sac,
vibrating up my rock hard cock buried to the hilt in Juss’ butt, and
rubbing up tight against his prostate. As we bucked harder and harder I
reached down and pressed the button one final time. Number four was all it
took to take both of us over the edge and into simultaneous orgasms.As I pumped load after load into the inviting depths of Juss’ insides, he
in turn was spraying cum everywhere…the first load hitting the ceiling
a first the rest spraying everywhere. As the muscles of his
orgasm forced jizz to spew from the end of his cock they, at the same time,
squeezed the cum from my swollen rod that was impaled to the hilt in his
moist hole, to deposit even more cum deep inside my lover. Eventually
things subsided for both of us, and as we started to fall sideways to the
bed, exhausted, I reached down and shutoff the vibrator.Juss was the first to say something after we rested for about ten
minutes “I don’t know what you did to me, but I don’t think I can cum
again for another week.”Reaching down to the controller of the vibrator, still wrapped around my
hard cock buried deep inside the love tunnel of my hot lover, I touched the
high button for a moment.”Whoa! That was the most unbelievable combination of sensations I’ve ever
had,” as he jumped up in surprise, lifting himself almost off my still hard
cock.”It’s a vibrating cock ring. I ordered it for a Christmas present for both
of us to try. I’ve never felt anything like it before while fucking
someone, especially with the sensation of all the foreplay combined with
it. I was thinking of spicing up our love life a little, but you beat me to
it with the shower, stripping act. That was so hot I almost creamed myself
before I even got in the shower.”Juss lifted himself off my semi-hard cock and stood up. “My legs are a
little stiff, no pun intended, but that was THE most incredible,
mind-blowing sex I’ve ever had.”I stood up, took off the cock ring and wrapped my arms around my honey. We
kissed for a few minutes without even thinking about it it was just a
part of our relationship now and a thought occurred to me.”It just hit me that there is no way, at least at this point, that I can be
without you within arms length for more than a few minutes. How am I going
to function when school starts up again?”"I’ve kind’a been thinking the same thing. It’s like, you know, especially
after today…your proposal, the money and all, and more than anything, the
intimacy and bond we share…I don’t know how to deal with the thought of
being apart again…even for a few hours. Do you think it’ll just work
itself out naturally?”He had been holding the gold cross on a chain around my neck in his hand,
twisting it absentmindedly as he talked and thought at the same
time.”I haven’t a clue about this one. I have never felt this way about anyone
before. I guess we just take things day by day and see how they work
out. Let’s not worry about it for now. How about a quick shower to clean Preteen Lolita Toplist
and try to get some sleep. I feel like I’m still vibrating…it’s making me
hard again.”"Oooooohhh…sounds like more fun to me.”We both turned and looked at the bed. I had wondered what it felt like with
the Preteen Lolita Toplist cock ring vibrating away on my lovers cock, buried deep in my bowels.Later, sometime, we did take a shower and cleaned up, exhausted but
sexually satiated and vibrated to a tingling glow. Seems that thing could
be used for a few more things. Oh well…ahh…it felt so good to fall into
bed finally.EYUK! Somebody forgot to change the sheets!It was eight in the morning when the phone rang.”Hello.”"Uncle Doug, it’s Kenny and Billy, Merry Christmas! Are you guys up yet?”"Uh…sort of,” feeling Justin’s morning woodie poking me in the butt. “Did
you guys get something from Santa yet?”"Yeah, I got all kinds of neat stuff! And Billy did too! It’s so cool all
the new furniture, the computers, everything! It’s like having my own room
‘cept I got people who really love me now. When can we come over and see if
Santa left what we asked for in our letters? You guys didn’t read them did
you?”"No, none of us did. We promised we wouldn’t and we didn’t. Is Tim there
close to the phone? I’ll talk to him about a time for everybody to come
over.”"Yeah. Want me to put him on the phone?”"Yes honey and Merry Christmas, we all love you. Put Tim on the phone
please.”"Merry Christmas and I love you guys too.”…click…hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmJustin had been resting his head on my neck listening to us talk.”Hung up on ‘ya didn’t he.”"Uh huh. He’s so excited he forgot to put Tim on the line. I’ll wait a
minute and then call back.”I had no sooner said that and the phone rang…it was Tim as expected.”Hi Tim, Merry Christmas to you and Kathy Justin yells Merry Christmas
over my shoulder towards the phone and Tim says the same back to him
how did the boys like their first Christmas together with you?”"Well, let’s see. First they woke us up at three o’clock in the morning to
see if it was too early, we said yes it was, go back to bed. Then at four
o’clock, and every half hour until finally at five thirty we let them get
their stockings and climb up on our bed and open them, and also pick one
package from Santa that was marked ‘OK TO OPEN FIRST’. Well, I’ve never
seen two kids so excited in my life, and we have you to thank for giving us
this opportunity by the way, but I never knew that Kenny didn’t even know
what a Christmas Stocking was. I remember us getting them, but apparently
they didn’t give him one after he came out. But anyway, the smiles and
laughter this morning so far have more than replaced the years lost. Thank
you Doug, you’re a very special person Preteen Lolita Toplist and my best friend.”"Thanks Tim, I appreciate that and think of you as the same. I wish I could
have seen the boys start this morning.”"Don’t worry, we recorded it on my digital video so you guys could see
it. So how’s about we all come over about eleven thirty, is that too
early?”"No, hang on a sec…psst…Justin, can we get Preteen Lolita Toplist everything cleaned up and
ready downstairs so they can come over by eleven thirty?”"Yeah, I’ll wake up the two sleepy heads and we’ll all get started on
getting things going. Say yes.”"Okay Tim, that sounds fine. We’ll see you then. Bye.”"Oh jeez,” Justin groaned, “it’s so early.”I was awake now. I rolled onto Juss and started tickling him, but just a
little. He hated it too early in the morning.”Merry Christmas baby, reach under your Preteen Lolita Toplist
pillow.”His eyes lit up and he bounced up into the air, throwing me to the end of
the bed. His muscular tush was so cute as he fished around under the pillow
we had about six of them looking for whatever was supposed to be
there. Finally his fingers latched onto something and he pulled it out.Looking at me he asked, “what is it?”"Open it and find out.”After shaking it a few times he carefully opened the box and under the
tissue, wrapped in foam, was a brand new key. No note, nothing indicating
what it fit. He looked at me with his head cocked to the side and a
quizzical look on his face.”Whaaaa…?”"Don’t ask now. Later on, you and I will take a ride and test that key
somewhere special.”"Thank you sweetie. I love you so much. You’re always surprising me with
something when I least expect it. Why do you do that?”As he leaned backwards and lay down on the bed, pulling me on top of him, I
replied, “I love to surprise you because it makes giving you something that
much more fun. I am always listening to people when they say , ‘Oh, this
would be nice to have, but I can’t afford it’, or ‘I could really use one
of those’. So when I see one of ‘those’, I buy it and put it away until
it’s needed for a birthday or other holiday. I just love to see the
expression on the persons face when they open the gift. They almost always
comment about how could I remember they wanted it or something to that
effect. It just brings me enjoyment.”"Please don’t ever stop doing it. It’s one of the qualities you have that
makes me love you so much. I need to learn a few things from you like
that.”"I don’t want to change a single thing about you babe. You’re perfect and I
accept you just as you are…even with all your faults…hahahaha!”This time I did tickle him real good around his naked, but taut
stomach. Less than a minute later Jeff and Don came bounding in, naked as
jaybirds and jumped on the bed to join in the party. Only in our house
could this happen, but it was Christmas Day after all…and tickling was
allowed on holidays. We soon had a pillow fight going and some good,
old-fashioned fun before Justin reminded us that Tim and family were coming
over soon. I told the others what Tim and I had talked about, mostly, on
the phone earlier, and that we had better get cleaned up and get the dinner
dishes cleaned up from last night.”Jeff, did you guys do anything with the boys’ letters they left for
Santa?”"No way. You heard his orders; knowing that rascal he probably had them
booby-trapped or something. I don’t know what we’ll tell them when they get
here and see the milk, cookies and the unopened letters still sitting
there.”"Neither do we, but life does have disappointments and maybe it’s time for
Kenny to see that you can’t get everything that you always want. Okay, we
took showers very, very early this morning, so we’ll get dressed and head
down and get started.”Jeff and Don looked at each other automatically, then back at us in unison
and replied, “so did we, we’ll Preteen Lolita Toplist meet you at the top of the stairs in a few.”Off they went, what a pleasure to see such beautiful butts so early in the
morning attached to such perfect bodies…and such great guys.We all met at the top of the stairs and chatted on the way down about where
to get started. As we rounded the corner of the hallway entering the family
room where the tree was set up we all stopped in our tracks. The mile and
cookies were all gone, the letters were still on the stand, and under the
tree were a bunch of boxes, none of which any of us had bought, brought
down, or placed there.Okay…spooky…but there had to be an explanation. We still had to get the
rest of the house cleaned up. We all thought it best to hit the kitchen and
just get it done fast. Rounding the corner another drop dead mystery. The
kitchen, left in total disarray from last night’s dinner, was now…totally
spotless. Not a single thing was out of place. In fact, the whole house, at
least from what we could see, was totally clean.I looked at Jeff, and he looked at me.”Did you guys..?”"But I thought it was…and the presents?”All I could do was shrug my shoulders. “Maybe there is a Santa?”It was getting close to arrival time for the boys, so there was no time to
stand around and play guessing games. In addition to everything we had
given to each other the previous night, we had also saved a few gifts to
open with the boys when they got here. But our enjoyment this year would be
watching the boys, especially Kenny, enjoy the allure and mystery of a
Christmas without being put down, left out, or in Billy’s case, without and
alone.Justin got down the hot chocolate, marshmallow and extras for the kids, put
on the coffee while I got together some snack trays and munchies. We
planned to eat dinner about two, maybe two-thirty so I wanted to make sure
there was enough to keep everyone full enough until then.The doorbell rang…I went to let Tim and his gang in. The first thing that
hit was two totally excited boys who ripped their shoes off, gave me a
tight hug and a Merry Christmas, then ran for each of the others for their
hugs. I gave Tim a hug and looked into his eyes, catching the reflection of
mine in the mist of his. Kathy too was bursting with pride, love, and a
genuine calmness about her that I hadn’t seen in our brief acquaintance.As the boys, Tim and Kathy made their greetings, Justin walked over and we
wrapped arms around each others’ waists, giving each other a quick
kiss. This was what family was all about, and if I never received another
gift, the feeling in my heart that morning was one that would last
forever. Justin and I would talk about it many, many Christmas’s after that
as the boys got older, but that first one with us all together was the best
ever.After everybody had settled down the boys asked if we could open
presents. We said it was alright with us but check with Tim and Kathy
first. With their approval we all settled down around the huge pile of
presents around the tree.”Kenny, before we get started would you please get some large garbage bags
from the kitchen for the wrapping paper.”"Sure uncle Doug.”"Thank you.”When he got back we opened two of them up and set them around to try and
control some of the mess. Kenny and Billy wanted to pass out the presents,
so we sat back and relaxed as they crawled into the pile and started
reading out names. It seemed like most of the names were theirs. But there
were other gifts for Tim and Kathy from us, Jeff and Don, and Kenny and
Billy.Eventually there was a pile of boxes of various sizes to the side that the
boys were not touching or handing out. I asked Kenny about those.”Those are the things that we asked for in our letters to Santa. Thank you
for not reading our letters. They’re still even sealed and taped closed
with our special marks, just like we left them. I knew I could Preteen Lolita Toplist trust you
guys.”I was really glad we hadn’t touched anything, but it made the mystery of
the letters, milk, cookies, and now, a growing Preteen Lolita Toplist pile of presents even more
mysterious. To the boys it made all the sense in the world, Santa ate the
cookies, drank the milk, and read the letters through the
envelopes. Everyone seemed to remember, or know that but us. That was
changing in a hurry though.We had given everyone their biggest gifts during the previous days and on
Christmas Eve, so today we gave the boys some new clothes for school, games
for the game room, and additional computer add ons, plus cash to buy a few
things they wanted to pick out on their own. We also gave Tim and Kathy a
large set of dishes for their growing family with silverware and some gift
cards at major stores for those unexpected items that pop up just when you
least expect them. Although we had Preteen Lolita Toplist asked Tim & Kathy not to do anything for
us, they did get us a few well thought out gifts that were for meant for us
as couples instead of individuals. It seemed as their way of acceptance of
our joining together as couples, and also the beginning of things that
belonged to us as a couple. That meant more to us than any material items
ever could.Eventually all that was left was the pile of “Santa” presents that the boys
had asked for in their letters.Before Kenny handed them out he said, “we just wanted all of you to know
that in our letters, because we have received so much from all of you and
feel so much love, especially me coming from such a bad situation, that
Billy and I wrote and asked Santa not to leave us anything when he stopped
here, but to leave the things we put on a list for each of you.”They gave each of us two gifts from the pile. I was focused on what they
could have thought of for Santa to leave for me. The first box Kenny handed
to me he also handed one of the same size to Justin, Jeff and Don. Inside I
found a small, blue velvet bag with a gold sash holding it closed at the
top. I opened it carefully and found inside the most exquisite, fine gold
chain on which hung a miniature gold key. Looking at Justin right beside
me, he found the identical item in his box, except the chain and key were
in a red velvet bag. We both looked at Kenny and Billy to thank them for
the gifts, but Kenny lifted his hand as if to say, ‘wait, there’s more’. We
waited until Jeff and Don had opened their first boxes.Then he simply handed the second boxes Preteen Lolita Toplist to us. They were were smaller and
wrapped very smartly. Justin and I opened them at the same time. Inside
mine I found, again, the same size and type of bag as before, and inside
this bag was an intricate, gold circle with another circle inside it, and
so on. On each of these circles was some small, unintelligible
wording. Justin found the same in his box, but the wording seemed slightly
different. Neither of us could read the words on the circles as they got
smaller and smaller. As pieces of jewelry they were stunning, beautiful,
even mystical in some strange way. On the top we of each ring was a
ring. It became obvious that this “thing” was meant to be somehow connected
into one.The circles had been intricately split in half, not like those that you
find in the stores, but so finely cut that when we tried to fit them
together to make them one piece, we couldn’t.”Try the keys,” came a soft voice from across the room it was Kenny.It took us a few minutes to find the keyholes. They were located on one
side, side by side and had to be turned together before the two circles
slid perfectly together. When they did the glass covering one side of each
one slid together and became a magnifying glass. Justin took the piece of
jewelry, no rounder than an inch and about an eighth of an inch thick in
his hand and read what it said under the magnifying glass. When he was done
there was complete silence in the room don’t forget, Jeff and Don had
gotten the same thing and were about at the point we were in the process of
reading the script following his silent reading, Justin handed it to
me to read. Inscribed in minute detail across both pieces was a short poem
that was only readable when the two pieces were locked together as one.I read on:We’ve wished upon a special star our whole life through, it seems. And
then, one day we got our wish it made all our dreams come true. So now
whenever we’re apart we wear that same bright star. It makes me feel so
close Preteen Lolita Toplist to you no matter where you are.”Look inside your little, velvet pouches,” Kenny said.We all scrambled to find the right pouches since there were two pouches
with each gift. Carefully holding my hand under the one the disc was in, I
shook it lightly and out slid a gold star with a little ring on top,
obviously meant to be put on the chain. The star was strong and thick
enough to stand up to continued wear. Our starts had ‘Justin & Doug
Forever’ inscribed on them, and Jeff’s and Don’s had their names on
theirs. I slipped the end of the chain through the ring of the star as I
realized the enormity of this whole gift. I knew there would be a problem
getting the clasp to latch together, so I waited while Justin put the star
on Preteen Lolita Toplist
his chain and then I lifted the chain up, over and around his head and
latched the chain behind his neck. He in turn did the same.As I looked at Justin we both had tears in our eyes, and looking at Jeff
and Don…the same.”Kenny,” I said, “this is an incredible gift you’ve given us and we love it
beyond what words can express. First they had to be expensive, second, the
meaning of all this is almost beyond what we can comprehend at the moment,
and third, to have put together such an intricate, complicated and almost
ancient artifact is almost beyond what even I Preteen Lolita Toplist could do. Can I ask how you
did all this? And how did the gifts get here last night on top of
everything else?”"Uncle Preteen Lolita Toplist Doug, pick up my letter please, open it and read the beginning.”"Okay, if you say to. This sure has been a weird Christmas so far anyway.”
I opened his letter, which was no easy feat with all the tape he had on
it. I got it opened, pulled out the letter and started reading out loud.Dear Santa,My name is Kenny. My parents have told me for a long time that you don’t
exist, but I always believed that you did. If you are real I need your
help. This year has been a very bad year for me at school. I got beat up a
lot for being different and had to leave school and Uncle Doug, Justin,
Jeff and Don took me in and accepted me just like I was. They stood up for
me, helped me at school and even made me part of their family. I have money
now, but I can’t touch any of it until I’m older. Can I get a loan from you
and have you give them something very, very special from me and my little
cousin Billy ’cause I don’t know how to thank them right ‘n proper. We
don’t want to ask for anything for ourselves from you cause I’ll owe you
money which I can leave for you next year on Christmas Eve, I promise. I’ll
tell you what I have in mind when I say my night prayers.Please make it something very special for both Doug and Justin who are
getting married someday and Jeff and Don who are also getting married
someday. I love them all very much.Thank you. Kenny and Billy.PS, the cookies are store bought and the milk is fresh but we hope you like
them. And if this letter has been opened please leave me a note so I can
have a talk with my uncle Doug Preteen Lolita Toplist
’cause he promised. Thank you.Signed, Kenny and BillyThere was little that could be said after reading the letter other than to
thank the boys…and Santa?Since that Christmas Justin and I have always believed in Santa Claus and
always leave milk fresh and store bought cookies out on Christmas
Eve.Anyway, the rest of the day was uneventful, compared to our Christmas
miracle, and the time passed quickly through into the New Year’s Eve when
the four of us went out to celebrate. Justin and I did go on our trip to
the coast; the whole trip was such a great stress reliever for both of us
I’ll tell everyone about that later but there was one other thing
that I did want to mention.I had given Justin a special key on that morning and promised him I would
take him on a ride later and show him what it was for. So later, after
Kenny and his family had left, we all piled into Jeff’s car and I gave him
directions as to where to drive. It was only a short distance from the
house and I wanted to show everyone what I had done. We went about six
blocks before I asked Jeff to stop in front of an empty building on the
main street of the town.”Okay, everyone out, we’re here,” I said.”Where’s here?” Juss asked.”Right here,” have the key Juss? I asked, looking at the empty storefront,
hoping the key worked.He pulled out the shiny, brand new key, pushed it into the lock, and turned
it. Darned if it didn’t unlock. We all walked in and looked around. It was
a newly refurbished Preteen Lolita Toplist building, about fifteen hundred square feet of
sparkling clean, equipped and fully furnished Dojo.”So, what’s this all about?” Juss asked me.”Uncover that thing over there against the wall and you’ll see.”The three of them walked over, lifted the tarp off the large, hand painted
sign and stepped back to read about Justin’s own Dojo…right here…in
this building…that we now owned. It still needed more information put on
it, like the name of the Dojo that I had wanted him to select himself,
hours, et cetera. It would be a labor of love for both of us to finish it
up when we got back from vacation, but it was ours, a check mark on his
list of dreams, and part of a new direction in our lives.————————————————– I know a few of you have
commented about the fact that this story seems like a fairy tale sometimes
because things always seem to work out for the good; I’d like to address
those comments…first, this is a fiction story, so it can work out that
way, and second, I believe whole heartedly that if you live your life
right, treat other people like you would like to be Preteen Lolita Toplist
treated, and follow a
consistent set of moral guidelines and place others before yourself, life
does have a funny way of turning out. That’s how I’ve lived my life and I
have the trail of my life to prove it. While not everything comes out
perfect, nor does it seem fair sometimes, as my current situation with a
rare, chronic illness that gets more debilitating every day shows, there is
good in all things if you stop and look for it. I never would have taken
the time to sit down and start writing had it not been for this
disease…another check mark on my list of dreams.Lastly, the story is Preteen Lolita Toplist a long way from being over, and for those who stick
with me, life will show its true side from time to time as the boys move
on. But it takes time to write a story like this; I wanted to produce
something that people can read and enjoy that has more than three or four
sex scenes, a few changes in partners, poor language and grammar (although
I do make mistakes when I get in a hurry), and other minute problems that
plague many of the short stories on the net. So for those people who are
staying with me and writing comments about positive thoughts I might
implement in the story, I thank you. For those that want to complain, I
also welcome your comments and will also return your emails, but my wish is
that you take the time to slow down and see beyond the desire for instant
gratification and enjoy what others have gleaned from life…and love.Thanks to all of my loyal readers and club members…Happy New Year! and
Happy New Century!Barry
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